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Posted by Annie Allan on

At Cara Cashmere, we've had a number of queries in the last few months enquiring into the quality of our cashmere, possibly because compared to other cashmere providers in the marketplace, our pricing can be considered quite accessible in comparison. 

We stock 100% pure A-grade cashmere, sourced from undoubtedly the best place in the world for cashmere yarn, Inner Mongolia (an autonomous region of China). We're delighted that all our excellent customer reviews can attest to this.

When we first set out to establish Cara Cashmere, we wanted to make this luxury fibre more accessible to everyone. This doesn't mean that we drive down the prices with our maker, which in turn impacts the standards of the herders and artisans providing our garments. It is simply because our profit margins are lean.

How do we allow for future growth? Well, we also sell to the the US market, which by volume alone, allows for a small Australian business like ours to expand.  Off the back of this, we hope to offer a future wider variety of cashmere accessories and more at the same competitive pricing. 

We will be visiting our makers in spring 2020 (once the weather warms up!) and will show you behind the scenes of our production, so to maintain transparency between ourselves and you, our customers.

We are already collating designs and samples and are very excited about what will come next. We hope you will be too and support us on our venture.

Annie x

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