I bought my first piece of cashmere whilst living in London 10 years ago. It was a grey poncho that came almost to my knees. I absolutely loved it and wore it with everything and to everything. Good memories were created wearing a piece of clothing that gave me great joy and ten years later, it’s still going strong.
Since then, I have added to my cashmere collection – scarves, wraps, jumpers…once you’ve experienced cashmere, nothing else compares.
Now living in Australia, I looked for further cashmere pieces to add, but with the choice and pricing I found in Europe. This led me on a journey to discover where the best cashmere originated from and how I could bring this to others at not only a more accessible price, but with the knowledge that this has been sourced from an ethical provider. Hence, Cara Cashmere was born.
The supplier we work with has their own free range goat fields in Inner Mongolia. They purchase the raw cashmere from their goatherds at a higher price in order to improve the standard of living for the herdsmen, which in turn cultivates happier goats and better cashmere. From this, they ensure that only the best quality raw materials are used in the manufacture of their yarn, which in turn produces unsurpassed garments. The cashmere garments are then sent direct to us to distribute to our customers.
Our cashmere is handled very few times in a small supply chain, enabling us to offer lower pricing for a beautiful product.
Cara means ‘beloved’ in Latin and this is how we feel about our Cashmere. Every piece we source, we feel immense pride, joy and love in. We are confident that you will feel the same.
Annie x
Cara Cashmere Founder