Winter 2019 is Coming!

We are so excited for this coming Autumn Winter 2019 season. We have some wonderful new colours that have just arrived in the Essential Cashmere Scarves - silver grey, charcoal grey, coral, red, pink, yellow, purple, blue, denim and teal. We have even got some leopard print cashmere to please those animal enthusiasts.

They are a great size to double or even triple around your neck and add a beautiful pop of colour to your outfit.

We also have some new colours coming in the Cashmere Travel Scarves - teal, dark blue and hot pink (due April 2019)! 

If you don't see a colour that you love, put in a request with our Cara Cashmere team and we'll let you know if it's in the pipeline. We will be regularly updating our colours and can't wait until we can give you the whole rainbow 🌈