Cara Cashmere Silk Storage Bag Maker

Our Cara Hero

Posted by Annie Allan on

We wanted to introduce our very own Cara hero, Duin.
She makes EVERY Cara Cashmere storage bag on her old Singer treadle sewing machine. She does own a super electric model, but ultimately prefers the finish that comes from using the foot treadle – slow and steady with much care. (You will see why when you receive one of our scarves!)

Duin is a seamstress in Ubon, a small village in northern Thailand. She is known and connected to us through family friends. By employing her and her wonderful sewing skills, she can support her extended family and bring further income into the village. Particularly as the area is recovering from the recent floods at the end of the monsoonal season.

When we founded Cara Cashmere, our packaging was just as important to us as the cashmere inside. We wanted this to be a special experience for you and something to hold onto for many years.  We also understand that you likely do the majority of the gift shopping in your household and knowing this, we also wanted the gifting of our cashmere to be treasured, from the purchasing and giving to the wow factor of the opening and wearing. It's absolutely priceless.

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