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After years of nurturing my beautiful Australian luxury knitwear business, I find myself at a crossroads. With embracing a more significant role in my family business - gemstones and jewellery, I've realised that it's time to pass on the torch of my beloved brand.

About Cara
Over the past 6 years, this brand has grown much, cultivating a devoted community of customers. With a remarkable 40% repeat purchase rate and minimal returns, our bond with our audience runs deep.

Our family of supporters spans across various platforms with connections that transcend transactions, forging friendships in the digital sphere, boasting
- A customer database of 15,000+
- Active subscriber list on email (8,800+)
- Instagram followers 2,700+
- Facebook fans 3,200+
- Private Members Facebook Group of 550

Our revenue comfortably rests in the mid-six figures, all thanks to our loyal direct-to-consumer base. Yet, the horizon holds even greater promise with untapped opportunities in wholesale and international markets awaiting exploration.

We pride ourselves not just on the quality of our cashmere but also on our commitment to sustainability. As the sole Australian member of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance, we stand with responsible sourcing.

Our product line, characterised by timeless elegance rather than fleeting trends, ensures steady demand. With reliable suppliers who share our passion for excellence, we've curated a collection of products that captivate our audience time and again.

Behind the scenes, our operations hum with efficiency. From streamlined fulfilment processes at our Brisbane warehouse to meticulously crafted email flows, every aspect is finely tuned to deliver a seamless experience.

If you share our passion for fashion, especially the ethos of slow fashion, and seek a venture with a built-in community, then this opportunity may be for you.

Everything is primed and ready for a smooth transition. With stock on hand and a 14-day handover period, we'll ensure you're set up for success from day one.

Included in this offer:

- Established business name and branding, including Australian and US trademarks
- A polished Shopify store ready to drive sales
- Vibrant social media presence across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok
- Comprehensive wholesale resources and a robust customer database
- Trusted supplier relationships and the option for product range expansion
- A treasure trove of stock valued at approximately $40,000 cost ($160,000 retail value) at time of writing
- Convenient warehouse and fulfilment centre arrangements, adaptable to your preferences
- Recently refreshed Klaviyo automated email sequences to nurture customer engagement
- Access to all professional imagery, design assets, and branding materials
- And much more...

Stock can be included or not included.

Please email me on for more information.