Welcome to Cara Cashmere

Welcome to Cara Cashmere

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While founding Cara Cashmere, it was important to us to find garments that we not only loved from the first feel, but knew where they came from, how they were made and how they would wear over time.

It took a months of talks and many samples to find a partner who we felt took care over their product; from the grass roots through to the final article delivered to the customer.

These are the facts behind our brand…

  1. Inner Mongolia winters are long and cold (think -40°C) and life is harsh. Though these conditions produce the best kind of cashmere goat hair to enable them to weather the extreme environment. In order to encourage the herdsmen to better care for themselves and their livestock throughout this, our partner has exclusive contracts with specific family farms and pays them above average wages to ensure a higher standard of living and ultimately, better quality cashmere.
  1. It is only the undercoats of the cashmere goats that produce the very fine hair used to make the Cashmere yarn (14 – 16 microns in width). To give you an indication of how fine the hair is, extra fine merino wool is 19 microns and the average human hair is 75 microns in width. Our Cara Cashmere garments contain yarn with hair of around 15 microns, hence the incredible softness.
  1. Cashmere isn’t cheap. It’s a very labour intensive process to collect the hair used in its making. The manual process of combing each goat – Cashmere goats are combed, not shorn for their hair – is a painstaking process, which takes place each spring in the natural moulting season. From there, the hair is sorted and graded by hand to ensure only the best quality makes it through to our partner. To put it in perspective, it takes 4 adult goats to make one Cara Cashmere travel scarf.
  1. Our supply chain is small and our overheads are low. The cost savings we make once the items are delivered to us, are then passed directly onto you, the customer.

Our mission is to supply high quality and ethically sourced cashmere clothing for an accessible price.

Cara means ‘beloved’ in Latin and this is how we feel about our product.

We know you will too.

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