We are not about lip service...

We are not about lip service...

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At Cara Cashmere, we are always working towards a more sustainable cashmere supply chain. So we are proud to be the first Australian member of the Sustainable Fibre Aliance (SFA), a global partnership with multiple stakeholders including LMVH, Marks and Spencer, J Crew and Johnstons of Elgin.

As part of SFA, we unite in a mission to encourage the adoption of responsible production practices that minimise environmental impact, safeguard herder livelihoods and meet high animal welfare standards.

We had been following the work of the SFA for some years before we committed to being part of the organisation. Lately, we have been very impressed with their Young Herder Education and Empower Women programmes, as part of giving the herding communities access to more education and funding to improve practices.

This is a fully inclusive organisation which embraces all levels of the supply chain from the herders, processors, manufacturers and retailers allowing a platform for all to focus on improving the cashmere industry overall. It's a long road, but with organisations like SFA actively leading, it's a commitment to establishing firm foundations for positive change.

You can read more about the wonderful work of the SFA here.

             Sustainable Fibre Alliance Membership

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