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It's all in the wrapping

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I don't know about you, but when I order something online, I want it to arrive like a present to myself.

Of course, I know what's in it, but I like to fool myself that it's a surprise.

I dive in, tear open the packaging...I can't wait for the big reveal...

...but what if the packaging around the 'present' leaves you thinking that the big reveal isn't going to be as big as you'd hoped.

When the packaging is mostly plastic and there's quite bit of it. Do you feel a bit disappointed?

I recently purchased a piece of high-quality clothing by a well-known brand and it came wrapped in three plastic poly bags. Yes, THREE!

With a layer of tissue paper in between like it was meant to soften the layers of plastic. 

It felt like a children's game of pass-the-parcel.

Instead of getting excited about the contents, I was frustrated about the external packaging challenges.

We all know that when we order something online or even in-store, it is likely to be presented to you in some sort of packaging or bags (unless you have the foresight to bring your own in-store.)

When I started Cara, I wanted to avoid all that.

We wanted the unwrapping to be as exciting (and sustainable) as the surprise contained within.

Enter our beautiful, monogrammed cashmere storage bags. 

We set out with the pink silk envelope-style to enwrap all of our cashmere pieces.

Now, we are delighted to introduce the grey silk drawstring bags to complement our cashmere ribbed scarves. 

Originally considered for men, but we do know not all ladies like pink, so feel free to specify your choice by adding a shopping cart note to us at checkout.

We do also have gift boxes if it's a special occasion, so just add to cart on the product page with a gift note if required.

All contained within a recyclable box or compostable mailer.

The exciting feeling you get when you first open our brand is the feeling we want you to have every time you re-open our brand again and again. 

Annie x





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